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Oestrogen & hormone health

How to support oestrogen for healthy hormones

What is oestrogen?

Oestrogen a hormone found in both men and women is key for a whole host of functions with its main action on reproductive development.

In women, estrogen is crucial for

– Reproductive health

– Differentiation and growth of tissue

– Bone density

– Cardiovascular health

– Mood

– Behaviour

What are the types of oestrogen?

There are three forms, estradiol (E2), estrone (E1) and estriol (E3). Each of these has a particular function in the body

Estradiol – predominately in women of reproductive age, key in ovulation

With beneficial actions on the heart, bone, brain and colon. As women enter menopause and we see a reduction in E2 women may experience hot flashes

Estrone (E1), produced in the ovaries & fat cells, is the dominant estrogen in postmenopausal women. Estriol (E3) is secreted in large quantities by the placenta during pregnancy.

It is common, however, for the ratios of these estrogens to be disrupted in a number of ways, such as synthetic estrogens, estrogens in animal products, xenoestrogens (found in some environmental chemicals), phytoestrogens (found in plants) and production of estrogens in our body.

What does oestrogen imbalance look like?

Oestrogen is unopposed by progesterone; a relative excess estrogen can cause


– Low libido

– Swelling and tender boobs


– Irregular periods

– Painful and heavy periods

– Headaches

– Mood swings

What can disrupt estrogen levels?

Althing that impacts the liver and gut will have an impact on estrogen. Things such as

-poor diet,

– obesity,

– excess alcohol consumption

– high insulin levels

– xenoestrogens, chemicals found in pesticides and industrial chemicals, and agricultural hormones in animal products consumed by humans

To ensure healthy estrogen metabolism, and support the liver and digestion.

– A daily poop

– Reducing things that burden the liver, xenoestrogens, chemicals, toxins, drugs and alcohol

– Increase bitter foods

– Broccoli helps estrogen metabolism

– Cholagogue herbs like – turmeric, dandelion root, yellow dock, and Andrographis, as tea can work wonders

– Lots of fibre, pre and probiotics, good healthy and diverse gut flora

How do I know my estrogen is out of balance?

Test! For accurate results, test estrogen on day 2/3 of your bleed, or if you have a clockwork cycle on day 21 alongside progesterone.

What next

Oestrogen can impact skin and acne and can cause issues for women diagnosed with PCOS.

Testing levels at the right time of the cycle to understand the hormones will give a wealth of information. From this, I can create a plan to help you balance your hormones, balance your oestrogen and ensure you have healthy periods.  You can book a clarity call to understand if this is something I can help you with.



Lindsay Carter Nautropath

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and health. Lindsay works to support women experiencing PCOS and acne.


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