January 2019 Maternity Leave

Oh gosh, I am thinking about the end of the year already,  Coles Christmas puddings have prompted me! From December I will be slowing down and taking some time off for maternity leave.


I will be finishing up in the clinic at the end of December. I will be offering Skype consultations to existing clients for the month of January.…

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Mediation – 8 reasons why

Still deciding whether to commit to meditation? Reading this should help make that decision.

Until you’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of a regular meditation practice, it can be difficult to commit to the routine. In fact, initially, you may not even fully understand why you should spend time crossed-legged and alone with yourself every day.

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Tips on how to be a Smooth(ie) Operator – Smoothie

Smoothie Operator

Your guide to the perfect smoothie-Green alkaline smoothie with wheatgrass, raw organic elderberry super fruit with spirulina puree, coconut flesh and cold pressed ginseng, kale, and spinach activated almond milk with turmeric…  you got this, right?!?!?

Smoothies are serious business. Designer juice bars are all the rage, and social media pages are bursting with pictures of mason jars full of healthy, vibrant liquid goodness, garnished with a sprinkling of goji berries and a striped paper straw.…

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