Faqs – Frequently Asked Questions, below is some helpful information and the most FAQ’s.

Yes, blood tests can be immensely helpful to get a benchmark and better understanding of your health.


If you haven’t had a blood test within 6 months, I recommend getting one and emailing the results to hello@sanatio.com.au at least two days before your appointment.

If you are unable to get tests done prior, Lindsay can write a referral on the day of the appointment. However, these cannot be bulk billed through Medicare and will incur a laboratory cost.

Tests to include;

  • Vit D
  • B12, Folate
  • Iron Studies
  • Serum zinc
  • RBC
  • Thyroid panel. TSH, T3, T4, thyroid antibodies
  • Lipids
  • Liver function. eLFTs
  • Fasting Insulin
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA

Hormones. To be completed on days 2-3 of your menstrual cycle. (Day 1 is counted as the first day of the bleed)

  • Female hormones
  • LH, FSH, Oestradiol
  • Testosterone, FAI & SHBG
  • Prolactin
  • Progesterone (is tested best after ovulation, typically 5-7 days. If you have a 28-day menstrual cycle this is day 21 approx)

Please fast for all tests.

NOTE* Post-pill acne, hormone blood work can only be conducted, 3 months after coming off hormonal birth control.

Unfortunately, you can no longer claim Naturopathy. These changes came into effect on April 1, 2019. However, after public backlash, there will be a review of the data and research and we hope to see Naturopathy return to private health as a claimable item.

There are no set amount of appointments as it depends highly on the individual. If a client follows diet and lifestyle changes and maintains supplements there is a higher chance of improving their condition quicker. Common cold and things like digestive upsets (bloating/constipation) changes are noted very quickly within 7-10 days. Hormonal complaints and acne about 3-6 months for life-changing improvements and often a time we begin to part ways.

It’s different for everyone and no two people are the same and they often respond differently.

Extended consultations are often needed if we are discussing any blood tests or functional pathology tests, DUTCH tests or gut tests.

Often your second and third appointment is also best booked as extended consultations as I create additional detailed treatment plans. 

Short consultations are good for follow up constellation when you are on top of your treatment plan and we are making small changes or a review. 

Whilst it is understandable that things occur at the last minute, please ensure you provide at least 48 hours’ notice via email or phone to reschedule or cancel your appointment, otherwise, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Any “no shows” without notification will be subject to the full fee. This policy is in place because we have allocated a specific time to spend with you and have spent time preparing for your session. In addition, there is frequently a waiting list for appointments. If you are unable to attend, sufficient notice allows another client the opportunity for an appointment. For valid reasons, such as injury or illness, there will be no charge, this is at the discretion of the Practitioner.

No, I’m happy to answer questions outside of appointment times. Please send me an email and we can talk things through. I try to get back to all emails within three business days. If the question is extensive and relates to changes to supplements, blood test results, or your treatment then it may be best to book a short consultation to ensure we give your concerns and questions due diligence. 

I offer phone and telehealth appointments. If you prefer to book a phone call please write ‘phone call’ in the comments when booking your relevant appointment.