Diagnostic Testing

Understand the drivers of your Hormones, Acne and PCOS.


Diagnostic - Functional Pathology Tests

As a dedicated Naturopath, my focus is on your holistic well-being, and one pivotal aspect of that journey is diagnostic testing. Whether it’s acnePCOSpost-pill acne, hormonal imbalance, fatigue or just wanting to understand your health more, diagnostic testing can be really helpful to give you a deeper understanding of your health. It guides our path towards personalised, natural, and proactive solutions, aligning your health with your body’s unique rhythms.

Diagnostic testing in Sydney

Types of Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing can be via a blood draw, a urine sample, hair, saliva or stool analysis. If you are suffering from skin outbreaks, acne, PCOS or hormonal imbalances you can take read below of some helpful tests to help you understand the drivers of your symptoms and uncover the root cause.

(Dutch) Hormone Testing

If there was ever one test I would recommend to all women with hormonal concerns, acne, PCOS, PMS, it would be the DUTCH TEST (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones). DUTCH testing is the most advanced and comprehensive hormone test due to the fact it measures your hormones and hormone metabolites. This gives us insight into hormone production and hormone breakdown.

Not only does this look at sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone) and their metabolites, it identifies any adrenal (stress hormone) dysfunction via cortisol,  cortisone and DHEA testing.

DUTCH test now also looks at markers for neurotransmitters, B12, B6 and glutathione. Which are very helpful markers for energy an overall health.

This test is a must when identifying underlying hormonal imbalances and how to better manage your symptoms of PMS, weight gain, heavy painful periods, acne and PCOS.

Test type: Urine
Investment: $360 – $500 AUD

Stool Testing (Complete Digestive Stool Analysis – CDSA)

This test is a thorough look at gut health using DNA PCR technology. It assesses levels of good and bad bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. In addition, it tests for markers of inflammation, barrier function and malabsorption.

The stool test is an essential starting point to identify any underlying digestive dysfunction that may also be causing problems in other areas of the body such as hormonal health, skin problems, acne fatigue and mood disorders, weight gain.
This is useful if you experience:

  • Generalised digestive disturbances such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, mucous, blood or undigested food in your stool.
  • For someone who travelled overseas and picked up a gut bug and hasn’t felt right since.
  • Chronic fatigue or candida symptoms
  • Acne that doesn’t seem to be clearing

Test type: Stool sample
Investment: $390 – $440 AUD

Essential Nutrients -Iron, Vitamin D, B12, Magnesium and Zinc

A simple blood draw to test key nutrients will give a huge amount of information regarding the nutrient status and what could be driving your illness. These tests are immensely helpful for people experiencing

  • Low energy
  • Flat mood, depression and or anxiety
  • Skin outbreaks and poor healing
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Considering starting a family
  • Thyroid health

Test type: Blood test
Investment: $33 – $180 AUD

Full Thyroid Panel

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) is commonly tested, the message produced by the pituitary gland and activates the thyroid gland. However, it is only one piece of the thyroid picture.
T3 and T4 regulate the body’s basal metabolic rate, influence heart and nervous system functions and are essential for growth and development. Thyroid hormones play a critical role in growth, differentiation and metabolism. Thyroid hormones are needed for the normal function of nearly all tissues of the body. They have a major effect on oxygen consumption and metabolic rate.
Thyroglobulin Antibodies | Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies/TPO Ab
The presence of auto-antibodies against thyroglobulin indicates possible inflammation of the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). High levels are found in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (85%), thyroid carcinoma (45%) and Grave’s disease (30%). The presence of thyroid peroxidase antibodies is also indicative for autoimmune thyroid disorders.

Test type: Blood test
Investment: $170 AUD

Hair Mineral & Toxic Element Analysis

Hair Tissue Analysis is an analytical test that measures the mineral composition of hair, different mineral ratios e.g. copper to zinc as well as heavy metal toxicity.

Test type: Hair sample
Investment: $130 – $195 AUD

Lactulose & Glucose Breath Test | SIBO Test

This simple, non–invasive, gastrointestinal test detects bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, often referred to as BOSI or SIBO.
Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a common gastrointestinal disorder that often underlies chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of maldigestion and malabsorption, including bloating, gas, diarrhea, irregularity, and abdominal pain.
Multiple studies show that sugar malabsorption and/or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) are leading causes of IBS symptoms and also rosacea.

Test type: Breath test
Investment: $180 – $380 AUD


Taking the first step

Diagnostic Testing​

Whether you’re grappling with acne, PCOS, post-pill acne, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, or simply wish to deepen your understanding of your health, diagnostic testing is the first steep to provide clarity.

My Naturopathic approach is all about personalised and proactive solutions, aligning your health with the unique rhythms of your body. I offer various diagnostic testing options, from (Dutch) Hormone Testing to Stool Testing, Essential Nutrient Analysis, Full Thyroid Panels, Hair Mineral & Toxic Element Analysis, and Lactulose & Glucose Breath Tests for SIBO.

If you’re looking for insights into your hormonal health or seeking the root causes of your symptoms, diagnostic testing can pave the way. Let’s work together to uncover the mysteries of your health and create a path to lasting vitality. Book an initial discovery call with Lindsay Carter, your dedicated Naturopath.