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Acne & PCOS Naturopath Sydney

I balanced my hormones,
now you can too!

Hi, I’m Lindsay a degree qualified Sydney Naturopath. I help women experiencing hormone issues, Acne and PCOS. Why? As someone who has battled acne and PCOS, I understand first-hand what you’re going through. To worry about your fertility, wonder where your periods are, or why o why are you still breaking out!

If you don’t feel your best self, if your confidence is taking a beating and you have been dismissed time and time again, you need someone who listens and digs deeper. Someone who explores the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’. As a women’s hormone Naturopath, I can help!

This is how I help women like you regain their health. To feel strong, confident and happy in their bodies.

Acne & PCOS Naturopath Sydney

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Acne & PCOS Naturopath

Your Body Knows What It Needs To Do And That Is What We Work
Together To Support.

It is not about restrictive diets, 100’s of supplements. It is about clever, clear tailored advice, great food, mindfulness and education. With the right tools, you can support your PCOS and Clear Your Skin – drug-free. Lindsay is a women’s health Naturopath and can help you find balance!

Lindsay Carter

Women’s Health & Hormone Naturopath

You Have Been Back And Forth Between Doctors
And Specialists You’re Feeling Dismissed,
Knowing That Something Is Up However No One
Is Listening Or Investigating?

With advice like, ‘lose weight, ‘take the pill’, ‘have you tried antibiotics?’ or ‘come back to me when you want to have babies’. It is deflating and it doesn’t give you the answers as to why your PCOS symptoms are challenging and your skin has broken out in the first place.

These suggestions don’t give you the answers you’re after. They don’t give you the ‘why’ and often the recommendations are a bandaid solution.

As a womens health & hormone Naturopath, I take a deep dive into your health! It’s not just your PCOS or acne, it is your sleep, stress, diet, and digestion. It is about improving your overall health and quality of life, so you can feel like your best self. You will walk away understanding the connections, your blood work and your diet thoroughly. But more importantly the ‘whys’ and what are your drivers.

Coralie Sydney, NSW

I have been seeing Lindsay for a couple of months now and highly recommend her services. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and caring and offers great advice. With her help I am now on the right track to improving my health and I couldn't be more grateful. Her follow-up care is excellent and it is clear that Lindsay is passionate about what she does.

Sally Melbourne, VIC

I saw Lindsay to get on top of my health. She gave me practical diet and lifestyle advice that was easy to implement and a pretty amazing mix of herbs. It's made a huge improvement to my health. I would highly recommend seeing Lindsay.

Chelsea Gold Coast, QLD

Lindsay is absolutely amazing! I cannot recommend her enough- she is so thorough, attentive and supportive. With her guidance I am finally finding balance with my hormones and feel so much better. She is truly an amazing naturopath.

Alana Berlin, Germany

Highly recommended - Lindsay provides such a warm and caring naturopathic service, plus she makes you feel heard & understood. I like that she really knows her stuff, and is also able to put it in a way simple to understand & easy to put in to practice. Thanks for everything Lindsay!

    Lindsay Carter – Acne & PCOS Naturopath

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sydney Naturopath Lindsay helps support women's health, hormones, acne and PCOS. With a love of all things women's health and hormones. Naturopath Lindsay works with pathology tests, your GP and your symptoms and concerns to create a customised treatment plan to have you feeling your best. Your plan includes nutrition measures, diet adjustments and herbal and nutritional supplements for lasting change.

    Yes, it does! Sydney Naturopath Lindsay leans on traditional and historic herb and diet knowledge and couples this with the latest research and findings. Lindsay has worked as a Naturopath since 2010 and has helped numerous women clear their acne, balance their hormones, improve their periods and overall health, naturally.

    Women's hormones and health can be complex. But you have more options than 'just take the pill'. As a women's health and hormone Naturopath, Lindsay works with you to get to the root cause of what is driving your symptoms. From painful periods to irregular periods, Naturopathy uses nutrition and herbal medicine to balance hormones, improve your health, clear your acne and improve your health.

    Drs are brilliant at arranging and assessing pathology tests, listening and understanding your health concerns, and diagnosing your health conditions. They can also assist with additional specialist support if needed. A Naturopath works with your Dr, to assess your blood tests and teach you about your body, your triggers and what is behind your acne, PCOS or irregular periods. Sydney Naturopath Lindsay utilises herbs, diet and nutritional support for your acne, to balance your hormones and improve your overall health.

    Naturopaths are brilliant support to help clear your acne and reduce breakouts. A lot of clients have tried the pill, antibiotics or R0accu-tane, intense drugs, only to have their acne return. Often this is because the reason you have acne in the first place hasn't been addressed. Sydney Naturopath Lindsay will assess your blood tests and health markers, and dissect your diet and symptoms to help understand your triggers. Then Lindsay will create a plan incorporating diet changes alongside herbs and nutrition to clear your skin - permanently.

    Your first consultation with Sydney Naturopath Lindsay is extensive. Lindsay asks you to send any pathology tests, photos of your skin if you are coming for acne, a diet diary and a list of symptoms before your consultation. This gives Lindsay a great framework to understand your health in detail. Lindsay dissects and interprets your blood tests, goes over your health concerns and assesses your body systems. After the consult you receive a bespoke treatment plan, explaining what is causing your concerns and what treatment; diet, lifestyle, herbs and nutrition will be implemented to improve your health.

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