Seeing a naturopath for pregnancy and conception

Naturopath and pregnancy – How a Naturopath can help with fertility

Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that emphasizes natural remedies and the body’s innate ability to heal itself. When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, a Naturopath can help in several ways.

Preconception Care

Ideally, we like to work together 3 months before trying for a family, this time is called preconception care. Preconception care is an essential aspect of optimising fertility and ensuring a healthy pregnancy. A Naturopath can play an important role in preconception care by providing holistic support to women and couples who are trying to conceive.

At the initial fertility consultation, I assess and identify potential underlying health issues that may be affecting a woman’s or man’s fertility. These could include hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress, or other lifestyle factors that may be negatively impacting reproductive health. After the initial consultation, an individualised fertility treatment plan is created to address these issues and improve overall reproductive health.

Ways a Naturopath can assist with fertility and preconception care

1. Nutritional support

A  Naturopath can guide a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in the nutrients needed for reproductive health. This can include recommendations for foods that are high in antioxidants, folate, iodine, choline, and other essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial to conception and a healthy pregnancy.

2. Hormone balance

Hormonal imbalances can negatively impact fertility. A female-focused hormone Naturopath can help identify hormonal imbalances and provide natural remedies to support hormonal balance. This is assessed via blood tests to see exactly what is going on with your hormones. Hormones are intricate and have a balancing act with one another, understanding exactly what your hormones are doing helps us to regulate your cycles and ensure healthy ovulation occurs. 

3. Stress management

Stress can impact fertility and overall reproductive health. A naturopath can help women and couples manage stress through relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and supplements. While we can look at lifestyle modifications there are also some brilliant, safe and well-researched herbs and nutrients that can reduce the stress response and build resilience. 

4. Detoxification

Exposure to environmental toxins can negatively affect fertility. From cleaning products to cosmetics down to the items we eat from. Some of these are direct endocrine disrupters and can harm our hormones. A fertility Naturopath can provide support and guidance on detoxification and reducing exposure to environmental toxins.

5. Support for underlying health conditions

Certain underlying health conditions such as thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or autoimmune disorders can affect fertility. While your goal is to focus on fertility, ensuring you and your overall health is optimal includes addressing other symptoms or health conditions that are present. If you have PCOS, a Naturopath specialising in PCOS is recommended.

Ideally, all the above has been addressed and worked on before actively trying to conceive.

Types of natural fertility treatment a Naturopath can prescribe

Some specific herbs and supplements can support fertility and improve reproductive health. The way we understand what we will do and how we will help is by taking a thorough case history and running some prenatal blood tests. 

Naturopaths can recommend natural remedies and supplements to support fertility. For example, certain herbs and supplements such as chaste berry, maca, and evening primrose oil have been traditionally used to support female reproductive health. Fertility Naturopaths can also guide dietary and lifestyle changes that can improve fertility outcomes, such as reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, increasing exercise, and managing stress.

How to get started with a Naturopath on your fertility journey

If you are interested in starting your fertility journey, the best place to start is for each partner to conduct a health ‘audit’ with the guidance of a naturopath and GP. This can look like

  • Getting full blood work and check-ups, specifically getting prenatal blood work
  • Keeping a diet diary for 7 days to look at where you can improve your diet
  • Reducing processed and refined food
  • Aiming for some form of movement and exercise each day
  • ENgagien in activities that reduce stress and bring joy

If you would like support to improve your overall health and beset prepare your body for fertility, you can book a consult with Naturopath Lindsay for a clarity call. During this call, we will discuss what working together looks like and how she can help you improve your chances of falling pregnant.

Lindsay Carter Nautropath

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and health. Lindsay works to support women experiencing PCOS and acne.


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