Post Pill Acne

Went on the pill to clear your skin? Only to come off it and have a huge outbreak? Post pill acne is common and daunting. I am here to help you break the prescription cycle and help you achieve clear healthy skin.

oral contraceptives do not ‘regulate or fix’ hormonal imbalances.

It’s a common story, ‘I was having breakouts, so my GP put me on the pill to fix my skin’. Other similar versions include. I was suffering from, irregular cycles/period pain/heavy periods/hair growth, the list goes on, and often with the same response, I was put on the pill to regulate my cycle.

Women are commonly under the impression the pill will ‘regulate’, ‘balance’ or ‘fix’ their hormonal problems because sadly that is what they are told. However, this isn’t the case.

Before you go on, this is by no means hate on the pill. It has a place, it’s given women freedom, contraception and can suppress pain and heavy periods.

How does the pill work?

The pills main mechanism is to inhibit ovulation and change the cervical mucus to inhibit sperm penetration. The pill is 99% effective when taken correctly as birth control. By suppressing ovulation the pill stops us from creating our own hormones; progesterone and oestrogen. No hormones? No hormonal outbreaks.

The problem with the pill

However, when it comes to ‘fixing’ hormones, the pill cannot do this.  By shutting off our hormones, the pill induces a type of chemical menopause. By suppressing your hormones it appears all your symptoms have improved! YAY! However, before you start celebrating. The pill hasn’t addressed the underlying condition, it’s literally worked as a bandaid until you come of it.

The hormones in the pill are not the same as your own hormones.

At a molecular level, they are different. They act more like testosterone in the body. They ‘can’ make insulin resistance worse – a huge red flag for anyone with PCOS or acne

The ‘period’ you have while on the pill, is not a period. It is a drug withdrawal bleed and is by no means an indication of what your periods will be like when you cease the pill.

Not making your own hormones can have a major impact on our health. Our own hormones have a positive impact on our fertility, mood, brain and cardiovascular system.


The impact of the pill

The OCP has well-known side effects such as blood clots.

However it is also linked to a myriad of symptoms, some you may be familiar with! From depression, anxiety, weight gain, low libido, headaches, spotting, irritability, moodiness, thrush, altered gut flora, acne, low libido and breast tenderness to name a few.

you’ve decided to come off the pill, what next?

You want a break, you want to have a baby, you’re using alternate methods of birth control. Or you are sick of the symptoms you are experiencing and you are pretty sure it’s the pill.

A lot of women have come off the pill before only to have their acne return, and often it can be worse.

how to come off the pill with confidence

I’m Lindsay, I am a skin and hormone Naturopath. Clear skin is my game! To help you come off the pill with ease, I suggest you reach out prior to stopping the pill, at least three months. This gives me time to understand the initial reasons why you were put on the pill in the first place and address the drivers of your hormonal imbalance to bring about clear skin.

you’re in safe hands

You can address the root causes of your acne and hormonal imbalance. With diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional support we can work to bring your body back to balance and ensure you feel confident and beautiful in your skin.


Sounds like something I can help you with? Feel free to get in touch with me at You can also meet me to have a chat by booking a 15-minute discovery call – simply, jump over to the book now button or call the clinic on (02) 8088 0735

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