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Naturopathy encompasses the health of mind, body and soul – but also our impact on each other. A healthy person helps contribute to a healthy community.


By keeping ourselves well healthy and happy we have a positive impact on those around us and our greater community. As well as a focus on the individual’s health, our focus is also improving the health and wellness of a community.


We are acutely aware of reducing our carbon footprint. Within the clinic, we recycle, reduce and reuse at each and every opportunity. In 2019 we transitioned to a paperless clinic with all notes stored digitally. As we always have, we will continue to use recycled bottles and reusable bags.
With your help, we can make a positive impact on the environment by;

  • Bringing your own bag to the clinic
  • Ask for your receipt to be emailed not printed
  • Bring back your herbal medicine bottles to be reused
  • If you take liquid herbs, reuse your measuring cup

In 2020 we plan to make further improvements to our procedures to further reduce our environmental impact.
No more use of single-use plastics (plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic packaging)

We will donate a percentage of our 2021 profit to Bush Heritage Australia

We will continue to reuse all herbal glass bottles.


Lindsay regularly donates to The Royal Women’s Hospital.


We believe everyone should have access to complementary medicine. For students, pensioners and single parents we offer reduced rates to ensure health care can be affordable for all. When booking your appointment either online or via reception (03) 9087 8348 simply mention this.


Lindsay had published articles in Body & Soul, Whimm, Madison Magazine, Triple White and worked in partnership with a handful of aligned companies. For any opportunities and ventures please contact Lindsay here.

Where to from here?

To book an appointment with Lindsay, get in touch at You can also arrange to have a chat by booking a 15-minute discovery call – simply, jump over to the Book Now button or call the clinic on (02) 9158 3850

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