If your health goal is to gain lean muscle or lose weight Naturopathy can help. If you are after a weight loss plan to stick to long term or a short term rapid weight loss plan I can tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

With the majority of my patient’s weight management is a health goal, from losing 40kg to 5kg to gaining weight, I understand everyone has different needs and tailor a plan accordingly.

In clinic, I can measure you body fat, muscle mass, biological age and health of cells. We measure this at each consult and the changes are amazing.

I pride myself on being able to assist you in the results you want. This is because I have firsthand experience with weight loss. I had been overweight (over my comfortable weight) since moving states, I had been playing around on weight loss diets for 2 years. I would yo-yo up and down within 1.4kg of my goal and up to 14kg over.  I have read every weight loss diet, book or article and tried everything on the market.

It wasn’t until I got serious and decided not to ‘try’ but do, I took the same simple advice I give my patients tailored it to me and I was able to lose 10kg in 5 months but more importantly I kept it off.

It wasn’t about cutting out an entire food group, peculiar and expensive supplements or to trick my body. It was having an understanding of food and the body and knowing what I needed when, how much and sticking to a healthy weight loss plan.

So if weight loss has been on your list of things to do, make now the time for a change.


Lindsay really takes the time to listen and understand your health/problems before providing you with the knowledge you need to improve. Her herbal potion provided instant relief from a condition I had been suffering for years. Very happy with treatment and would recommend her to anyone

Nathan, Coogee

Lindsay provided some great practical dietary and nutritional tips that I was able to put into practice easily because they realistically fit my lifestyle.

Nate, Maroubra

Lindsay is an incredibly talented naturopath and caring individual! I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Kate, Bondi