Health isn't simply the absence of disease. To feel truly healthy it's ensuring we are balanced on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Our body gives off signs when things 'aren't quite right’ whether it's headaches, digestive complaints or a feeling of fatigue.


Conditions Naturopathy Treats

Naturopaths are trained to employ safe and effective natural therapies that will support and stimulate the healing power of nature is the gentlest, least invasive and most efficient manner possible in all ages.

Naturopaths use a range of methods to assist in the healing process including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle recommendations, vitamins and minerals, flower essence, homeopathy, iridology, and massage.

Cardiovascular Disease

High blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation disorders, varicose veins

Digestive Complaints

IBS, IBD-ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, allergies & intolerances, reflux and irregular bowel habits and pain

Emotional Wellbeing

insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, improving memory concentration, energy headaches & migraines

Healthy Weight Management

Weight loss and gain, improving body composition.



Lindsay really takes the time to listen and understand your health/problems before providing you with the knowledge you need to improve. Her herbal potion provided instant relief from a condition I had been suffering for years. Very happy with treatment and would recommend her to anyone

Nathan, Coogee

Lindsay provided some great practical dietary and nutritional tips that I was able to put into practice easily because they realistically fit my lifestyle.

Nate, Maroubra

Lindsay is an incredibly talented naturopath and caring individual! I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Kate, Bondi